About Brooklyn Tool

About Brooklyn Tool and Cryo Storage


Founded in 1961, Brooklyn Tool, Inc. is the original manufacturer of the Cryo Cane.

Augmented by market exposure created from this initial product offering, Brooklyn Tool, Inc. has been designing, manufacturing and customizing cryogenic product offerings across the cryogenic storage landscape. We service large pharmaceutical companies, independently run medical labs, research universities, livestock breeders, blood and tissue banks, bulk storage repositories, and many more.

Brooklyn Tool, Inc. manufactures and provides premium quality inventory and identification management systems for a wide array of industries that are looking for freezing solutions within each customers’ individual and specific laboratory refrigerators, laboratory freezers, low temperature freezers, LN2 freezers and any other application where sample organization and identification is required.

At Brooklyn Tool, Inc., we continue to pride ourselves in our ability to meet the individual needs of our dynamic customer base and marketplace without compromising quality. Our extensive industry background and innovative manufacturing facility allow us to hold tight tolerances on all of our products and give us the ability to customize our current product sizes. Additionally, we support and manufacture new product ideas or modifications. Regardless of your needs, we are committed to maintaining fast project turnaround times.

We offer all types of mechanical and liquid nitrogen storage products including vertical and upright freezer racks and drawers, blood bag and bone marrow canisters and frames, laboratory boxes and dividers, etc.

If you have a design idea or a dimension modification that would better suit your daily operations or storage needs, then we would like to work with you to create it.